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The Story of Autism

Re-writing the story of autism in our communities.

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Our Services:


*Sensory friendly group classes*

*Parent Support Groups*

*Business Support*

*Community Awareness Initiatives*

Our Story...


Hi. We are The Story of Autism, a Nonprofit organization based in Central, Ohio, and this is our story.... Two years ago we began with an idea, "How could we better serve the autism community in Ohio? How could we create a safe and inviting environment where children could practice the social skills needed to participate in their daily lives? How could we make this environment both Safe and Inclusive? And, how could we serve the families of those with children on the autism spectrum"?


Those questions formed the vision of our organization, "A world in which autistic families could find comfort and security in a community which is both inclusive and understanding of all children, regardless of label". We are The Story of Autism, and we are re-writing the story of autism in our communities.

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